About Venus Dawn Technologies

We convert electrical geysers to solar geysers.

Venus Dawn Technologies


Venus Dawn Technologies (Pty) Ltd, trading as, Venus Dawn is a Lesotho based company that supply and provide IT and Solar Energy products and services. The company was established as a privately owned entity on October 2014

The company's history dates back to August 2013 when the founder, Mr. Seboka Matsoso, first established the business as a sole trader. That was the first time when the name Venus Dawn Technologies first appeared. Venus Dawn in Sesotho language simply translate to "Mphatlalatse ea Mafube" meaning the popular brightest planet called Venus or "Mphatlalatse" when it is observed in the eastern horizon just before sunrise (mafube).

Venus Dawn was inspired by developing an unfinised web-based product which was aimed to selling electricity in Lesotho via the internet. The product was called ElectricTime. ElectricTime however failed to make it into the market due to doubts which were avaialble against Venus Dawn by electricity service providers - Venus Dawn was a sole proprietary business with little capital.

The second product which inspired establishment of Venus Dawn Technologies is called SMSUTILITY. SMSUTILITY is a suite of diferent Short Message Service (SMS) software modules including SMSBILL, Bulk SMS, and School Results System aka SRS System. One module of SMSUTILITY, SRS System made its first success story when Masowe High School used it to publish student results via Short Message Service (SMS) texts. Unfornately, SRS service failed to expand due to low cash flow of the then sole trading technology business.

On 2nd October 2014, Venus Dawn Technologies was incorporated into a private company under the law governing companies in Lesotho, Company Act 2011. At that time, new business sector was introduced in the business; Renewable Energy, particulaly Solar Energy was added to product and service line as provided alongside Information & Technology products and Services, by Venus Dawn Technologies.

Today, Venus Dawn Technologies is fast growing from both of its business sectors. Day by day, we get knew clients who are satisfied by our quality products and exallent service. In addition, our hardest effort has been to form and establish a corporate image which allow us to complete business transactions with some of the successful brands in Lesotho.

Mission Statement

Venus Dawn’s mission is to provide the best, effective and affordable ICT and Renewable Energy solutions in Lesotho and abroad. We are committed to provide satisfactory services and quality products all the times.

Vision Statement

Venus Dawn is headed to be a number-one business which provides best professional solutions in Renewable Energy and ICT in Africa by 2030. Since, we are a private company as well, one of our milestones is to become a Basotho Loti (LSL) multi-million company with the culture that maintains good relationship with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Values

To ensure our growth in business, this are the promises that we keep for ourselves:

  • In Venus Dawn, we do not promise our clients what we cannot offer.
  • We believe that understanding our client’s needs is the key to offering the best out of our services and products. Sharing of information and creating an open environment to coming up, contributing and striving to develop the innovative ideas which relates to our mission, is a crucial line of our business.
  • Everyone who works for Venus Dawn must show a relaxed human thinking which ethically reflects respect of oneself and collogues, as well as our clients and customers at all the time.
  • We commit ourselves to protect and preserve the environment we live in.
Mr. Seboka Matsoso is the founding member of Venus Dawn Technologies.

Seboka Samuel Matsoso
Founder & CEO

Mr. Seboka Matsoso is the founding member of Venus Dawn Technologies (Pty) Ltd. He also holds the position of Chieft Executive Officer (CEO) where he is tasked to ensure the company fulfills its business mission.