Products & Services

Our customers are already benefiting the free energy from the sun from the systems we installed and supplied to them. You can be one them as well, once you give us the chance to take care of your solar hot water needs, solar electricity and energy efficient products.

Solar Hot Water

We supply and install a variety of solar hot water systems (Solar Geysers) for our Lesotho market. We provide all possible hot water solutions via solar energy, and are always ready to meet your needs and leave you satisfied.

Solar Photovoltaic

We can supply you with solar pv system components. We also design, build and provide consultancy service on solar photovoltaic solutions. Our potential solar photovoltaic systems range from sizable systems for powering a living house to high end Mini-Grid systems.

Energy Efficiency

To us, renewable energy means nothing if it comes without energy efficient products. That is why we supply selected products which are highly energy efficient in the perspective of home owners. Such products include, Geyser pipe insulation material, solar cookers, Eco phone chargers, solar power banks, Geyser timers, etc.

Solar Water Heaters (Geysers)

Our solar geyser models come in different configurations such as, flat panel solar geysers, evacuated glass tube solar geysers, high pressure and low pressure systems, pre-heated copper coil solar geysers, and indirect heat pipe systems as well as direct thermosyphon solar geysers.

Solar Panels

You can name any size of solar pv system, we can design and install it for you. We use the best solar panels in the market ensuring the you enjoy free energy from the sun with such incredible efficiency.

Solar Inverters

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Batteries

Solar Home Lighting Kits

Solar Powerbanks and Phone Chargers

Solar Street Lights

Solar Garden Lights